Our History

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East Ipswich Church of Christ 1950’s

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East Ipswich Church of Christ 1979

Whitehill Church of Christ has a long history in Ipswich.  Our heritage is rich with people who truly loved God and loved others. The church has grown and outgrown its facilities a number of times throughout its 93 year history because its people are passionately committed to making disciples and seeing lives changed through the power of Jesus Christ.

In 1922 the chapel at the East Ipswich Church of Christ was with much fanfare with the new building even featuring electric light. The young church slowly grew and began a trend for East Ipswich/Whitehill of growth and outgrowth. By the 1950’s there was talk of needing more room.

In the 1960’s the congregation dedicated a new building on the corner of Bright street and Brisbane Road on land adjacent to the old building. It was a modern brick structure. Repeating the pattern in the first 40 years, the gathered church outgrew the building.  Space again was an issue, despite new offices for Church staff.

In the late 1990’s, Pastor Norm Flett saw the opportunity to purchase 20 acres of land in Raceview in hopes of one day moving the church to that property. He challenged the church with this vision.

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Family Camp 1955

The church purchased the land on Whitehill Road and went through the process of relocation. A new building was built which housed worship centre, hall, offices and a kitchen.  Churches of Christ in Qld built a Child Care Centre which operates on the front of the property.

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Board Members 1970’s

In September 2000 with the Sydney Olympics Opening Ceremony in full swing the church had its first gathering. Since then we have added more meeting rooms and renovated our portico area with a small coffee shop.

Even though the church at East Ipswich/Whitehill has had a fantastic past, we believe our best days are still ahead of us. Building on the faithfulness of those in the past we want to continue to be strong for God for our future generations.