soccer logoLooking for a fun and encouraging sporting environment, then join Whitehill Soccer.

Welcome to the Whitehill Soccer Information page. Whitehill Soccer plays in the QCSA (QLD Christian Soccer Association) and our home ground is Stallard Park Yamanto.

To all of our players and those wishing to join QCSA, we will not be following the lead of Football Federation of Australia in reducing the field size and number of players (known as Small Sided Games) in junior age groups. For the foreseeable future our Under 7s and Under 8s will continue to play a modified brand of soccer with six players on each side, one of which will be a goalkeeper. Three interchanges will also be allowed and there will be no limit on the number of goals allowed to be scored per player. We will not be keeping any official match results and the focus will be on learning the game rather than winning or losing. All teams in Under 9s and above will play on a full-size field with a full complement of eleven players (including a goalkeeper) and up to 4 interchange players. Results will be recorded and a finals series played.

The teams play from March through to September.

Join knowing that your children and you will have a wonderful time.


More information is available here or please contact the Church Office on 07 3288 0186 or Contact Us.