What is “A Kingdom Leap – Commitment Day 2021” about?

In Bible times God’s people had multiple festivals to celebrate the blessings of God in their lives.  As a farming culture this was called the feast of Firstfruits where God’s people brought the “first” of their harvest and livestock breeding to the temple as a sacrifice and celebration of God’s goodness to them.  In 2009, Whitehill sought to introduce the same special generosity project with a celebration Sunday offering.  This annual event, (now known as Commitment Day,) brings our attention to the many blessings that we have received today from God’s hand.  Whilst we don’t bring in crops, we seek to give to special projects that advance the work of God both locally and around the world.

This short clip looks at our 2020 Commitment day with a report on how our giving resulted in accomplishing lasting change here and around the world in Zimbabwe.

Our Project’s

Project 1: One Pusu Retreat House  $12,500

This ministry of training and equipping provides raises up new Pastors and leaders in the church. The Solomons is an impoverished nation that survives on tourism and subsidence farming. As we partner with the One Pusu Bible College in the Solomon Islands this year, we have been asked to help complete the Retreat House at the College. The old building was destroyed by weather, rot, and white ants. The second story has been finished, and completion of the ground floor will enable the College to provide accommodation for visiting lecturers, pastors, and team

Project 2: School Ministry / Chaplaincy  $14,600

In 2020 funding for the chaplain at Raceview State School ran out. We recognise that this school is on our doorstep and is the community in which over 850 students and families are a part. This gives us an enormous opportunity to plant a seed of compassion for the families through the financial provision of funding for a chaplain or similar schools worker. Chaplaincy provides a consistent Christian influence into schools, that when effectively paired with partnering churches, builds a visible expression of love to school families. At present we have one Whitehill member who teaches two Religious Instruction classes each week along with teachers from other schools. One day a week would be funded through a partnership with Scripture Union for a cost of $14,600. In 2023 the next 3-year government funding round is open which may supply ongoing funding.

Project 3: New LED Street Billboard  $40,000

Earlier this year the old LED sign became unrepairable and was removed. Street signage is a great connection point between us as a church and our community. The plan to replace this sign is to position a new LED billboard in the position of the current fixed static sign near the gully. This position is highly visible and provides exposure to thousands of northbound families in cars every day! It is also unhindered by houses, trees, or power poles so that viewing opportunity has an extended timeframe that is unmatched in any other location. Unlike a static sign, the graphics on the LED billboard can be easily changed without cost. Previously banners were used each term to provide some variation. Having used these signs previously we created advertising opportunities for: Special Outreach Events (eg. Easter, Mother’s & Father’s Days, Carols and Christmas), Spiritual conversation prompts (eg. Questions “What is eternity for you?”), Scripture verses, Ministry advertising (eg. Playgroup here every Wednesday 0-12), Vision messages (eg. Building Stronger Families, Everyone Welcome Every Sunday.) and much more. Whilst the earlier LED sign cost approx. $15000 for a red letter sign, costs have fallen so that a full billboard will approximately 4m wide x 2m high will cost approx. $40,000.

Project 4: Online Streaming Upgrade  $3,600

We recognise that hybrid services (both Onsite and Online) are here to stay. The world has changed and so must we.  We have a great camera setup through CPC for our online streaming, but at present we are trying to create two sound mixes (one for the auditorium, and one for TV’s) with one mixing desk.  Rather than creating a great sound for both, each is actually hampered by compromise.  CPC (our professional advisers) have provided a costed model to create a separate online mixing area.  Cost $5,100 (a grant of $1500 from CofCQLD has been awarded for this project so far)

Project 5: Ministry Internship Program  $12,000

Training is essential to equip people for ministry by creating opportunities for greater ministry and learning. As Brad completes his training this year, he will go full time in 2022 with a day dedicated to building an intern program at Whitehill. Together with our core ministry staff, we have created internships across multiple areas. These are for people (any age) who are willing to give a year to God to grow in their faith and ministry. The 3 day a week program will allow people to 1. Complete a Certificate of Ministry (1 day) 2. Serve in a variety of ministry areas 3. Trained discipleship and ministry strategy 4. Complete a short-term overseas mission. Our heart is to partially sponsor participants through a church investment in this program ($4000 per participant). Our goal is to create places for 3 interns for 2022. Cost $12,000.

Project 6: Air Conditioners $4,100

It can be challenging to teach a Kids church class of 10 year old girls who are uncomfortable and unsettled due to the Ipswich Summer heat. It is also a great counselling room or intimate Bible Study room. Thankfully with the new electrical upgrade completed earlier this year we can now safely add Air Conditioning before the Summer heat arrives in two key rooms: Meeting room 3 (in the hall) and the kitchen which is known by all who serve to become stifling in summer. Cost $4100.

Project 7: Stage Work $7,550

Our stage is the platform from which we seek to share the gospel and build the faith of many.  The often hidden but crucial part of this work is to ensure pastors, hosts and vocalists can be clearly seen and heard.  These components have changed radically over the last 20 years as technology has improved and been transformed.  For us to continue growing this stage ministry we need to upgrade our equipment to current rigging standards to hang new projection equipment.

How can I give my Commitment Day Offering?

1. Online Transfer

You may give via EFT (electronic funds transfer). Please make a transfer to our Commitment Day Account BSB 064-417 Acc. 1070 3214 Ref. “CD 2021”.  Deposits to this account can be made any time until 14th November, 2021. This method has no fees.

2. Cash Offering

You may bring your Cash offering in an envelope labelled “Commitment Day 2021” and place it in offering letterbox

3. Credit Card

Donate via your credit card to the 2021 Commitment Day. This method incurs a small fee from our credit card provider.

CD2021 Credit Card Gifts


How did Commitment Day 2020 go?
In 2020 the congregation gave $100,547.73 to projects in Zimbabwe and locally.  Click here for a full summary.

What should I give?
We encourage every person to prayerfully consider what God wants them to give as an offering of thanksgiving and special commitment to the work of the gospel here and around the world.  The amount will be different for everyone as God has blessed people in different ways.  Paul teaches that it is the heart of generosity that is most important as the sacrifice of some (eg. widow) may seem small but actually are the greatest

When should I give?
Giving can be made at any time from now until 21th November 2021.  We are seeking to announce a giving total on Sunday 21th November.  A final update will be given after the close of this project.