As women, we have many different roles – a daughter, a mother, a grandmother, a friend, a CEO, a nurturer, a listening ear, a nurse, a mediator and more.

As women, we need other women around us who we can look to when we are navigating something new in life. Older women who have been there and can pass on valuable knowledge and skills. Younger women who can teach us new things and lift our energy and passion.

We also need to know that we don’t need to compare ourselves with each other. We are all made unique and perfectly us by a good and loving God. But we need to be often reminded of this.

At Whitehill, our Women’s Ministry seeks to help you on this journey. We love to gather together with all ages of women, to encourage and support and learn from each other.
Each term we have a special event for you, whether it’s a special night like a high tea or a morning walk & brekky, or a barefoot bowls night- all designed to bring us together and to nurture our souls.

We also have other activities and groups especially for women:

  • Heart Sisters
  • Lifekeys Woman to woman
  • For Mums with bubs – Playgroup, Mainly Music
  • KYB (Know Your Bible)– For women of all ages

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