Give Joy and Hope

Nov 19, 2021 | News

This Christmas at Whitehill we want you to bless families in our community.

Instead of bringing groceries into Whitehill for bags to be packed, we encourage you to think of someone you can bless who might be doing it tough or even just to say Happy Christmas to your neighbour. You can buy a new resuseable shopping bag or collect a reuseable Christmas shopping bag and a shopping list from the church to fill with items to make Christmas special.

We also have Whitehill Christmas Invitations and Bibles to give away with your hamper if you feel your friends are at that stage.

Suggestions listed below. (Buy brand name products where possible).


** Drinks -Soft Drinks, Fruit juice, Sparkling Juice

** Dessert – Plum Pudding & Custard, Pavlova & Tin of Fruit, Jellies,

** Christmas breakfast – Pancake Mix & Maple Syrup

** Meal base – Tins (Ham, salmon, tuna)

** Sweets – Fruit cake, Fruit Mince Pies, Shortbread

** Confectionary – Lollies, Chocolates, Wafer Sticks

** Savory items – Crackers, Dips, Chips, Nuts, Pretzels

** Christmas Bonbons, Serviettes etc


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