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Jul 23, 2021 | News

It has been a long time coming and a lot of work.  Initially it was recognised the our existing logo (either the green and orange or black and white) have been around for 20 years.  Some joke about things being set in concrete… and this one actually was on the building.  The problem is that we must be constantly changing and adapting to the culture around us.  The message of the gospel and God’s Word is never changes, but the packaging or the method to sharing can change and must change to stay relevant.  We see the apostle Paul doing this as he shared the gospel in different communities (eg. See Paul’s message in Athens Acts 17:16-31).

Consequently we started the process with internal suggestions (20 designs) and reviews, then external designers (30+ designs) and reviews.  To get a much broader range of creativity we launched an online design profile and received 200+ different designs.  This produced a full range of quality designs and … well… less desirable designs that definitely didn’t fit Whitehill.  We were able to reduce this to six different designs and were really grateful for congregational feedback from 70+ attenders.  Thankyou all!  Lastly we wanted to put the designs to the test in the community because our heart is to share Jesus as Paul did in a way that is relevant and attractive.  We are excited that both the congregational survey and the community surveys had the same design come out on top.  From our survey we know most will be excited about the logo, whilst it may not have been the first choice of all, but we continue to journey together.  So after almost a year of work, this is our new logo.

The logo may also have the benefit of shortening to this icon/graphic.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will we start using the new logo?

The new logo will slowly be adapted into all our media, advertising and signage.  Some changes are easy to implement (eg. Letterheads), some are relatively easy (eg. Website), but others like our signage will take some time to have new designs, quotes and changes implements.  We will also take this time to review our signage. 

Will we replace the entry signs?

Unfortunately the driveway red LED sign was irreparable and subsequently removed.  LED changeable signage is great for advertising different events but at present our best signage is the billboard adjacent the creek.  A quality LED sign is estimated around $60,000.  I have noticed LED signs in use by both Central Presbyterian church in Ipswich and Bethany Lutheran.  We will continue to research our options.

Why doesn’t the logo have our full church name?

Whilst the official name of the church will always be “Whitehill Church of Christ”, the common trend today is to shorten names.  In our regular communications and even in our constitution we refer to the church even as “Whitehill” without the word church.  We felt it important to retain the word church as a minimum.  This is now a regular practice in churches of all denominations eg.  Central, Centro Kenmore, Oasis. 

Does this mean we are thinking of leaving the Church of Christ movement/denomination?

Absolutely not.  We are blessed to be a part of a denomination that provides great support, strength and encouragement as we seek to follow Jesus as we seek to fulfil our vision to Love God, Love People and Follow Jesus.  The official name of the church remains Whitehill Church of Christ.

How does the new logo help us reach people for Jesus?

On its own, a logo does very little, but, as part of our overall church vision and ministry, it helps us to contextualise “who we are” in a way that is more appealing to those we are seeking to reach.  It becomes a modern form of connection between the message we present of the gospel and who we are as a people relevant to the needs of our society today.

If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to ask the staff or elders.




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JOINING US – no bookings required

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