Welcome to our New Associate Pastor

Nov 5, 2021 | News

Exciting News to share today.  After an extensive search and over 2 years of advertising the role, reading applications, conducting interviews and prayer we are now able to announce that we have found a new Worship Pastor. 

It has been a challenging time to find both a person of musical gifting, skills and experience as a worship Pastor to take the role over from Julie who has been transitioning into the Discipleship Role.  We neither wanted to settle for someone of lesser ability or experience and it seemed at times that our search may be in vain.  Thankfully we worship a great God who is not limited like we are and indeed our new pastor will arrive from the other side of the world!!!  

When we received his application from South Africa we were a little anxious but step by step of our interview process answered our questions and continued to open the door.  Francois (yes very French sounding name) was born in South Africa and grew up in a Christian family with a Pastor father and though not intending to go into ministry, felt God’s calling on his life as a young adult.  He subsequently started as a worship pastor whilst completing his Bachelor of Theology.  He met his wife Angelique and together they have two young children.  Francois has continued to minister in both large churches (over 5000 people) and small churches (100 people) as the Worship and Associate pastor leading teams of 10-100 of people of all ages (including one lovely pianist aged 82).  Although young he is also the Familia Dei Network representative to support worship pastors across 38 churches in their Network.  As is common he speaks both Afrikaans and English fluently and is starting to catch up on our Aussie slang.  Francois is an accomplished musician, singer and songwriter and has recorded a number of music videos. 

Check out his “Overcome” song on his YouTube (click here).   Beyond Ministry and Music, Francois also enjoys mountain biking, golf, bodyboarding, reading and the great outdoors so I have no doubt he’ll settle in here well.

You might be asking why immigrate to Australia?  Francois and Angelique visited in 2020 before Covid hit with full force and fell in love with both the people and our country.  Francois has a sister Michelle who immigrated in 2016 as a solicitor who is now married with two young children also. So at present we are working through the immigration processes to bring the Francois & Angelique de Beer with their two children Ame (3yrs) and Joah (8mths) over to Australia.  We know this process may take 1-6 months but are convinced that we are all moving in faith steps with our great God who is fully in control.  Obviously with Covid the process is a little more complicated which is what we have learned from Kenmore Church who this year similarly recruited an Associated Pastor from South Africa.  Their Associate pastor (Zelvin) arrived 6 months ago to work with Pastor Pat Hegardy.  Amazingly Zelvin actually knows Francois and also speaks very highly of him.

As the de Beers are selling up everything to make this big move, we will keep you updated so that we can help set them up initially in a house.   We were excited to see God working even before this public announcement to see God provide a car for the family to have when they land and endure two weeks of quarantine.  If God lays on your heart any items of new or great condition and quality, that you would like to donate in the coming months please let Pastor Roger know.  They will need everything from beds to a washing machine, kitchen items to garage items.  We have no place to store these at present so please just prayerfully consider and we will put out a list in coming months with their guidance.

Prayer points

  • Praise God for the answers to our prayers over two years to raise up an Associate Pastor (Worship and Community)
  • Praise God for the advance provision of a Car for the DeBeers.
  • Praise God for guidance to the right Migration Agent (used by Church of Christ QLD).
  • Pray for Francois and Angelique as they sell up and prepare to leave.  Pray for their all goodbyes and faith to step into God’s future.
  • Pray for the provision of Visas to open the way
  • Pray for the Covid travel exemptions to be granted into Australia
  • Pray for all the details of immigration, quarantine etc… to have God’s sovereign hand of favour upon them.  We would love to see them come in time for Christmas!!


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