Due to COVID-19 we are currently conducting two joint Live and digital church services at 9:00AM and 5:30PM.
You can join the Online Services via the “Online Church” Tab on the top menu bar,
or if you would like to visit us in person, Please fill in the form at the bottom of the page so we can reserve you a seat


we have ample parking for visitors with an overflow area on the grass just in case,
as well as also have a pickup and drop off area for those that may require a little extra help getting to the door’s

Your Kids

Between Whitehill Minis and [email protected], we have a program built around Wisdom, Faith, and friendship that will suit  children from Prep Grade 6
Please Note That Due To COVID-19 We Require Children To Be Registered For Services Aswell 

the Sermon

By applying biblical truths to real-life issues, our Sermons help you strengthen your relationship with God, Whether you are a Christ-follower or not, we guarantee that you’ll walk away feeling encouraged and challenged

where are we

We are located in Raceview QLD at number 219 Whitehill Road


We want to make your first visit as enjoyable as possible,
to do so please fill in the form below so that we can try and reserve you seats

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